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Infant Toddler Threes Preschool Kindergarten

Infant Program Philosophy

Welcome to the Apple Blossoms Child Center Infant Program. This curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of children age 6 weeks through 17 months. As each child is unique, so are their schedules. Our teachers develop a daily routine based upon each infant's individual wants and needs. Your child will learn how to develop trusting relationships through our program's main goal of providing them with a primary caregiver.

Every experience and every minute in the day are part of the infant curriculum. The room is designed to provide each infant with a stimulating learning environment. Diapering, feeding, washing and comforting are elements of the daily curriculum, as are singing, playing, watching and moving.

Our teachers will provide many experiences for your infant. Simultaneous with these planned experiences are the literally thousands of actions which are spontaneous, stimulating new actions and reactions to challenge your child.

With program goals emphasizing holistic development, a variety of items facilitating physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development are introduced. Some examples are:

Physical Development
  • Grasping
  • Pushing
  • Pulling
  • Stretching
  • Curling
  • Twisting
  • Rolling and trapping objects
  • Crawling
  • Sliding
  • Rolling
  • Walking
Emotional Development
  • Fear and anxiety
  • Affection and love
  • Pleasure and joy
  • Trust and security
  • Pride and self esteem
Social Development
  • Self and not self
  • Interactions with others
  • Attachment
  • Independence
Cognitive Development
  • Reflex (actions become more recognized)
  • Differentiation (coordinates actions)
  • Reproduction (intentionally repeats actions)
  • Coordination (develops concept of object permanence)
  • Experimentation (searches for new experiences)
  • Representation (carries out mental trial and error)
We look forward to a long lasting relationship with both you and your child. Thank you for choosing Apple Blossoms Child Center.

Toddler Program Philosophy

Welcome to the Apple Blossoms Child Center Toddler Program. While in this room the children, through structured play, learn to use their senses, increase and use their vocabulary, recognize and label shapes and colors, and practice using and controlling their body.

Our qualified staff recognizes your child's struggle to organize and control their environment. They work hard to ensure your child is given numerous opportunities to explore their world through "trial and error" and "cause and effect" learning. At this age, your toddler is learning to identify him/herself within his/her environment and to discover who they are in that environment. In this setting, your toddler needs flexibility and nurturing. Through a variety of activities including movement, art, cooking, dramatic play, and building and outside play, your child will create a sense of his/herself. He or she will be confident and will feel safe to experience challenges in their development.

An important aspect of your toddler's development is toilet training. We will always follow your lead and be understanding of the training process.

We cannot guide your child's development without your help and support. You, as the parent, are your child's first and most important teacher. You know your child best and we will do what we can to reassure you that your child is receiving all that they need. The teacher/parent relationship must be positively supported through mutual respect and trust. We need to be able to work together to be able to give your child security, consistence, and an environment for learning on the social, emotional, physical, and cognitive levels. We hope to facilitate your child towards autonomy. Our primary goal is to make Apple Blossoms Child Center a safe and happy environment for both you and your child.

Below is a list of skills that we will work on while your child attends Apple Blossoms Child Center's Toddler Program.
  • Trial and error learning
  • Cause and effect learning
  • Organization and control of surrounding environment
  • Discovery of the 5 senses
  • Development of language
  • Toilet training
  • Autonomy
  • Ability to self-regulate
  • Basic cognitive skills (color, shapes, sizes, symbols)

Threes Program Philosophy

Welcome to Apple Blossoms Child Center Threes Program. Children at this age are focusing on the recognition of letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. They have increased their vocabulary and are now working on sentence structure and content. Since your child has been growing and gaining strength, his/her fine motor and large muscle coordination has improved which allows for greater manipulation of his/her environment and body. Therefore, your child is more able to toilet and dress independently. The classroom environment reflects this growth, and the staff members responsible for your child are well aware of the importance of healthy and confident development.

The teachers of this program are aware of your child's need to be part of a group and the importance of confidently interacting with their peers. We assist the children so that they can learn how to do this effectively. They now can understand rules and consequences, as well as demand limits and expectations. They aim to please adults and imitate or model them. The teacher in this room sets up an environment which has lots of activities to engage and challenge them as they interact with others. These activities involve art, science, math, dramatic play, discovery and building. These learning centers are made to challenge your child while teaching them to succeed. Your child needs the reassurance that they are capable problem solvers, and that we are here to help and guide them.

Children at this age are also learning how to sit and be focused for longer periods of time. Staff members take the time to read books, poems and finger plays, tell flannel board stories, sing songs, and engage children in conversation. Since this age tends to be very physical, we encourage them to communicate with language. The phrase "we use our words and not our hands" is frequently used.

We cannot guide your child's development without your help and support. The consistency of rules and demands between school and home is very important, and to achieve this consistency we need frequent communication between you and the staff. We will keep you up to date on the occurrences in your child's classroom and work on any challenges that you may have at home. To do this, there must be a positively supportive teacher/parent relationship with respect and trust. We hope to set up a concrete sensory environment to meet your three year old's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive needs.

We will work on the following skills while your child is enrolled in Apple Blossoms Child Center Threes Program:
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Sentence structure and content
  • Recognition of alphabet, colors and shapes
  • Manipulation of puzzles, markers, crayons (fine motor skills)
  • Jump, hop, use alternating feet, etc. (increase large muscle coordination)
  • Independent toileting
  • Independent dressing
  • Association of related terms
  • Imitating and modeling adult behavior
  • Increased imagination through dramatic play
  • Learning how to sit for prolonged periods of time
  • Awareness of rules and consequences
  • Interaction with peers
  • Care for personal belongings
  • Chronological counting from 1 to 10

Preschool Philosophy

The children who turn four years old before September 30 will begin their preschool experience in this classroom.

As your child matures, they are able to benefit from direct teaching and become active learners. Apple Blossoms Child Center Preschool Program is set up to provide short periods of direct learning as well as periods of individual exploration. The staff takes cues from the children, in order to determine how long they are able to stay on task. The teachers will shift the length or depth of instruction to suit the needs of the group.

Children at this age are better able to manipulate tools to produce more concrete ideas. They will practice writing their names, understanding and use of the alphabet and recognizing their numbers in a variety of situations. Because a preschool child is an active participant in their own learning, more discussion and time for verbalization of ideas is present.

Apple Blossoms Child Center staff is determined to help your child develop the skills they need. Lessons are created to provide for the children's demands. Individual attention is given to those who require a more personal touch. Structured play is still an important opportunity for children to practice what they have learned. Different centers are created around them to encourage further exploration and practice of skills in new and exciting ways (i.e. science, math, art, and computer).

This period of your child's life is full of sporadic bursts of growth and excitement, spawning a variety of emotions for your child. For this reason, we focus not only on academics, but also the social and emotional well-being of your child. We hope to foster your child's creativity and natural ability to learn. As well, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We recognize that open communication between educators and parents is vital to ensuring your child's success. Any issues that arise at home or at school should be dealt with in a mutual collaboration.

We will focus on the following skills in the Apple Blossoms Child Center Preschool Program:
  • Number recognition and identification
  • Letter recognition and identification
  • Manipulation of pencils, scissors, and crayons
  • Listening skills
  • Following directions
  • Sequencing
  • Verbalizing thoughts and ideas
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Comprehension
  • Active participation in learning
  • Positive self image
  • Cooperation with others
  • Practicing shoelace tying
  • Printing name
  • Categorization and sorting (i.e. shape, color, size, etc.)
  • Imagination through dramatic play
  • Answering and asking questions

Kindergarten Philosophy

Our kindergarten program is created to meet the developing needs of your child. The teachers practice a developmental approach and create a theme-based curriculum that incorporates the skills which are important for your child's future educational success. Because kindergarten is the foundation of education, we will strive to make it a challenging and rewarding experience for your child. Centers are created which enable the children to practice, review and extend their skills in a variety of areas and at their own level of development.

We feel that kindergarten should be a safe place to explore new challenges and to experience as much as possible. Through various opportunities, your child will learn how to interact with others in a positive and effective manner.

A print-rich environment will be provided to teach your child the importance of literature. Books will be read to help children gain understanding, joy and appreciation of the world around them.

Through play, circle time, table work, and most importantly, fun, we hope to create a positive learning foundation for your child. Working with your child at home to review skills is an important part of their education, and will help to ensure success in their later school years. We want you to be involved in your child's schooling, and aid us in creating a positive learning experience. The link between home and school is essential in your child's educational journey. Because of this we ask for as much volunteer help as you can provide, and look forward to having you as an active member of our classroom.

We will focus on the following skills in the Apple Blossoms Child Center Kindergarten program:

  • Graphing
  • Counting to 100
  • Number recognition
  • Comparison
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Sorting
  • Patterns
  • Greater than/less than
  • Money
  • Shapes
  • Calendar
  • Time
  • Classifying
Language Arts:
  • Recognizing and writing capital and lower case letters
  • Journal writing
  • Beginning sounds
  • Increase vocabulary
  • Listening skills
  • Following directions
  • Sharing, communicating
  • Left to right, top to bottom
  • Join in rhymes, songs, and finger plays
  • Prediction and comprehension
  • Plant life
  • Magnets
  • Color
  • Safety
  • Classification
  • Habitats
  • Animal study
  • Seasons
  • Weather
  • Experimentation
Social Studies:
  • Community awareness
  • Understand the need for rules
  • Explore various social roles
  • Cooperation and sharing
Social development/work habits:
  • Positive self image
  • Stay on task
  • Take turns
  • Create friendships
  • Independence
  • Use acceptable behaviors
  • Appreciation of art and music
  • Self expression

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