Our Programs

Our teachers create fun and educational activities that promote physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth in your child. Our staff is always energetic, creative, and accessible. Apple Blossoms will provide your child with new experiences on a daily basis that will aid them in their learning adventure.

This curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of children age 6 weeks through 17 months. As each child is unique, so are their schedules. Our teachers develop a daily routine based upon each infant’s individual wants and needs. Your child will learn how to develop trusting relationships through our program’s main goal of providing them with a primary caregiver. See a Full Program Description here

This is a small classroom where lots of one-on-one attention and nurturing is still provided, and little ones will not quite be required to follow an exact schedule. We consider the “Waddler” classroom a transition room, and a room that will encourage your child’s daily development, while still treating them as the little beings that they are. They will start engaging in outside play, peer interaction, and exploration with art and literature activities. See a Full Program Description Here

While in this room the children, through structured play, learn to use their senses, increase and use their vocabulary, recognize and label shapes and colors, and practice using and controlling their body. See a Full Program Description here

Children at this age are focusing on the recognition of letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. They have increased their vocabulary and are now working on sentence structure and content. Since your child has been growing and gaining strength, his/her fine motor and large muscle coordination has improved which allows for greater manipulation of his/her environment and body. Therefore, your child is more able to toilet and dress independently. The classroom environment reflects this growth, and the staff members responsible for your child are well aware of the importance of healthy and confident development. See a Full Program Description here

The children who turn four years old before September 30 will begin their preschool experience in this classroom.

As your child matures, they are able to benefit from direct teaching and become active learners. Apple Blossoms Child Center Preschool Program is set up to provide short periods of direct learning as well as periods of individual exploration. The staff takes cues from the children, in order to determine how long they are able to stay on task. The teachers will shift the length or depth of instruction to suit the needs of the group. See a Full Program Description here

Our kindergarten program is created to meet the developing needs of your child. The teachers practice a developmental approach and create a theme-based curriculum that incorporates the skills which are important for your child’s future educational success. Because kindergarten is the foundation of education, we will strive to make it a challenging and rewarding experience for your child. Centers are created which enable the children to practice, review and extend their skills in a variety of areas and at their own level of development. See a Full Program Description here

Our school age program is created to meet the needs of children ages 6-12. We offer before school, after school, and full day care. Our before and after school program runs during the school year providing transportation to and from both Reeds Ferry and Mastricola Elementary schools. We provide the opportunity for completion of your child’s homework both before and after school. We offer a wide range of activities including but not limited to art, science, math, and cooking. The teachers work together to create an atmosphere that fosters independence and respect for others. See a Full Program Description Here 

Our Promise

  • Our dedication to the field of early childhood grows with EVERY child that passes through our doors. 
  • All Children, Parents, Staff Members, and Visitors will be treated with kindness, friendliness, patience, and respect.  
  • Each individual staff member is part of a team whose main goal is the well-being of every child. 
  • We will always respond in a professional manner to your questions and concerns, and will always show our dedication to your child and your family. 
  • We will provide a nurturing environment that promotes discovery.
  • We will cherish each child as their own unique being.
  • We will provide guidance, and serve as a support system to each family in our care.
  • Above all, we will never lose our sense of humor, and always try to look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Thank you for the opportunity to allow us to be a part of your child’s life.

How we Teach

We Tailor each program to the unique needs and characteristics of their age group.