Waddler Program

Waddler Program Philosophy

Welcome to the Apple Blossoms Child Center “Waddler” Room! Your little one is no longer an infant, but not quite a toddler!  Now they now need some freedom to waddle around! This is an exciting time for your child as they start to explore their world around them through gross motor activities, touching and feeling, and using their new found voices. Children in this classroom will be walking, or attempting to walk, more mobile than they once were, eating solid foods throughout the day and may show that they are ready for a more structured and active environment.


This will be a small classroom where lots of one-on-one attention and nurturing is still provided, and little ones will not quite be required to follow an exact schedule. We consider the “Waddler” classroom a transition room, and a room that will encourage your child’s daily development, while still treating them as the little beings that they are. They will start engaging in outside play, peer interaction, and exploration with art and literature activities. Communication between teachers and parents is key as we truly begin to discover the individual personality of your child. Children in this classroom will spend time in both the infant and toddler 1 classrooms as well, as we work together to assist them best in their developmental needs.


Please see our Infant and Toddler 1 pages, for more information regarding both our infant and toddler 1 philosophies. 


How we Teach

We Tailor each program to the unique needs and characteristics of their age group.