Preschool Program

Preschool Philosophy

The children who turn four years old before September 30 will begin their preschool experience in this classroom.

As your child matures, they are able to benefit from direct teaching and become active learners. Apple Blossoms Child Center Preschool Program is set up to provide short periods of direct learning as well as periods of individual exploration. The staff takes cues from the children, in order to determine how long they are able to stay on task. The teachers will shift the length or depth of instruction to suit the needs of the group.

Children at this age are better able to manipulate tools to produce more concrete ideas. They will practice writing their names, understanding and use of the alphabet and recognizing their numbers in a variety of situations. Because a preschool child is an active participant in their own learning, more discussion and time for verbalization of ideas is present.

Apple Blossoms Child Center staff is determined to help your child develop the skills they need. Lessons are created to provide for the children’s demands. Individual attention is given to those who require a more personal touch. Structured play is still an important opportunity for children to practice what they have learned. Different centers are created around them to encourage further exploration and practice of skills in new and exciting ways (i.e. science, math, art, and computer).

This period of your child’s life is full of sporadic bursts of growth and excitement, spawning a variety of emotions for your child. For this reason, we focus not only on academics, but also the social and emotional well-being of your child. We hope to foster your child’s creativity and natural ability to learn. As well, we are here to answer your questions and address your concerns. We recognize that open communication between educators and parents is vital to ensuring your child’s success. Any issues that arise at home or at school should be dealt with in a mutual collaboration.


How we Teach

We Tailor each program to the unique needs and characteristics of their age group. 

Skills We Work on in Preschool